Waste Stream Management Solutions in Detroit, MI

H&H Metals, founded in 1978, is a state-of-the-arts provider of groundbreaking recycling solutions. We purchase, process and market recyclable commodities, making it possible for our customers to focus on their core business. With each of our customers, we act as their personal consultants.

High Integrity

  • Accurate weights – our scales are Michigan calibrated
  • State of the art metallurgical laboratory on-site.

Superior Service

  • Excellent communications, our team is fluent in English, Arabic and Spanish.
  • Quick service with immediate payment upon receipt.
Truck used for waste stream management in Detroit, MI

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Integrated wire processing operation; able to accept small and large volumes
  • Knowledge of all recyclable metals
  • Quickly and easy assistance unloading, providing you with clean containers.
  • Modern on-site processing operation capable of processing all grades and forms of scrap metals.
We are a multicultural organization dedicated to quality and continuous improvement, H&H Metals helps customers meet their diversity goals when we provide recycling services to our customers' subcontractors.